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Our company philosophy starts with our mission, which is enduring. Our mission as a company revolves around strategic planning and continuously developing technical skills by delivering the highest quality service.

G & G Insurance Adjusters, Inc. standards are built on a code of ethics and standards. G & G Insurance Adjusters, Inc. we takes great pride and care in selecting and training our personnel – all of whom are properly licensed and bonded. Our corporate training program promotes a strong organization with solid claims handling guidelines.

G & G Insurance Adjusters, Inc. provides quality service and professionals to meet all of your insurance claims needs. G& G Insurance Adjusters, Inc. has also managed Hail, Wind, and Ice Storm Catastrophes throughout the Midwest.

If your business is looking for expert assistance with daily claims handling and significant catastrophic losses, then G & G Insurance Adjusters, Inc. is your solution. Let us provide quality service, reduce your expenses, improve your efficiency and enhance your reputation with our professional staff!

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