Our Clients


School Districts
Workers’ Compensation claims services for school districts make up one of the larger service segments for the company. These are mission critical services for large enterprises.


Hospitals have very specific needs which are addressed by our Client Services division. G & G Insurance Adjusters has a deep history of providing these customized solutions.


Cities and Counties
Cities and Counties need fast, accurate and dependable services to meet their complex guidelines. We have demonstrated our ability to meet their demands with Commercial files and Appraisals that we currently adjust.

governmental entities

Municipalities and Governmental Entities
Municipalities and Governmental entities are significant markets that G & G Insurance Adjusters has been working with for many years. We provide services to several of the larger municipalities in the nation and we service large enterprises.


Insurance Guaranty Associations
G & G Insurance Adjusters provide services to guaranty funds that have assumed the liabilities of insolvent insurance companies and currently contract with companies statewide

self insured

Insurance Companies and Self-Insured
G & G Insurance Adjusters is capable of providing third party claim assistance to any company or entity that prefers to self-insure. In addition, our detailed services provide the necessary assistance to insurance companies to help their capacity planning.

We have staff dedicated to Commercial assignments where we dispatch General Adjusters, on our team with extensive knowledge in policy, building codes and Commercial and residential qualified.