Job Opportunities

We are seeking both Daily and CAT adjusters for our client Citizens Property Insurance Corporation; (PLEASE COMPLETE THIS DOCS ASAP)

The fee schedule is excellent for daily claims as well as for the upcoming CAT for Hurricane Irma. I have attached the Fee Schedule for your review. The Current GCA Fee is the daily fee for the MCM Claims while the MCM CAT Proposed is the fee schedule approved for Hurricane Irma. I’d love to have you on board and in addition to that; can get you back to Florida to work the claims and make great money. This can also be a long-term play for you as after the CAT; you can do daily claims at a great rate.

I have attached the following documents that I need back ASAP so that I approve you for the roster as soon as possible:

a. Employment Background Authorization: I have attached this form. Please fill it out and return to me via e-mail so that I may submit your background check. Background checks are customary when working claims for Citizens.
b. Ethics and Confidentiality Agreement: I have attached this form. Please fill it out and return to me via e-mail so that I may submit ASAP.
c. Clean Copy of your Resume
d. Adjusting Services Standard Resume Template: I have attached this Excel document. Please fill out both tabs and return to me via e-mail so that I may submit this to Citizens as well.
e. Headshot Picture with Clear Background: This request is a Citizens requirement.

Please send me the information ASAP so that I can process this. Thank you for your interest. We look forward to working with you.

** Residential Adjusters are required to have 2 consecutive years of experience with proficiency in Xactimate 28
** Adjusters must be Certified by our Firm in order to be deployed by us.


Services Provided

  • Third Party Administration
  • Complete Claims Handling
  • Homeowners Adjusting Claims
  • Commercial Claims Handling
  • Property Inspections
  • General Liability
  • Casualty Investigations
  • Construction Defect Investigations
  • Limited Assignments
  • Excess Liability
  • Complete Appraisal Services
  • Collateral Protection
  • Commercial Auto
  • Arbitration
  • Audits
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Adjusting Training Online


*Must have an Independent adjusting licensed. (VALID).
*Experienced with policies
* experienced in wind losses
* Strong experienced in Homeowners
* Knowledge in Construction
* Have transportation
* Have a digital camera
* Have a Ladder
* Not afraid of heights
* Xactimate 28


• Losses throughout the current state where you apply in case of event.
• Conduct initial evaluation, investigation and documentation to establish damages, and determine appropriate payment under the terms of the applicable insurance policy. Post appropriate reserves, pays, declines, and negotiate claims, based on results of first and third party investigations. Ensure fair claims practices in accordance with policy and legal requirements.
• Assist claim investigative staff and local/state/federal law enforcement agencies in investigating alleged or suspected cases of fraud.


Percentage of Fee based on insurance company schedule (FEE SCHEDULE ATTACHED)