Our Values

At G&G Insurance Adjusters our goal is to cater to you, by providing professional bilingual services suited for your company’s needs!

We are a service company and place great value on a superior service experience.

► We value teamwork, initiative, and innovation.

► We value the good reputation our company has earned. We expect all of our associates to protect and grow our reputation as an employer and as a service company.

► We believe in honesty, personal integrity, and fairness. We keep these beliefs in mind at all times when representing G & G Insurance Adjusters.

► We value a safe, drug-free work environment where our employees are treated with respect. Background check and drug testing required upon hire.

► Our bilingual staff is experienced and customer friendly, ready to answer question in both Spanish and English, allowing us to overcome any language barriers.


  • Respect the dignity, well being and rights of all individuals. Do not make promises you cannot keep, and keep those that you do make.
  • Always be truthful. Integrity should never be compromised. Know the law and comply with it.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest, the client always comes first.
  • Respect the privacy and confidentiality of our company, clients, policyholders, claimants and fellow associates.
  • Only discuss matters with people who have a right and need to know.
  • Be extremely courteous to everyone with whom you come in contact with. At times, we see people at their worst. Should you encounter a person using abusive language to you, retaliation in kind is inappropriate.